Greenville College

Meet Jake Amundson

Instructor of Art and Digital Media

My name is Jacob Amundson, and I have been teaching at Greenville College since 2006. I am a Greenville alum with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art with emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer in St. Louis while getting my Masters in Studio Art emphasizing in Alternative Media at Webster University. I am completing my MFA in Studio Arts focusing on New Genre at Azusa Pacific University.

I have a wife who also teaches in the Education Department at GC and two amazing daughters, Charlotte and Claire. When I need guy time, I hang out with my boxer or see who is up for some disc golf or a movie in St. Louis.

Why I work at GC
I was teaching art at an inner city school in '06 when I was asked if I would like to adjunct a few classes at Greenville. I immediately accepted and was thrilled to be back at a place that really helped me figure out and form who I am. It has been amazing to find out that my calling is to hang out with some amazing students and help them do the same. We get to explore creation and creativity together in ways that teach me just as much as I want to teach students in my classes.

How I started working with Digital Media
I was one of the first few students who had the opportunity to study graphic design formally at GC. I loved having tools available that could take my ideas and almost instantly let me visualize them. I started out as a painter in graduate school and my professors convinced me that I could use the technology to make "Fine Art" as well. I fell in love with imaging and interventions through digital mediums like video, photography, interface design, and technological installation. A lot of times, advancements in technology aren't fully understood or completed entirely until artists get a hold of them and break them down both physically and philosophically. When students get the chance to learn programming from Deloy and then we explore the aesthetics of media, some amazing things can happen.

How I use DM outside my role as professor
Besides teaching at Greenville, I am also a professional artist. I combine my DM practices with my studio practice to create works that I show in galleries. DM has an amazing relationship with the Art Department here and I am blessed to be able to integrate the two on a daily basis. To see more of how they are integrated, visit

My favorite aspect of my job
My favorite part of working here at GC is really the people I get to interact with. The faculty and staff are amazing but the students are the best part. I get to talk about Digital Media, Art, and life with them on a daily basis both inside the classroom and in the act of living together in community.

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